Our Process

At Mosaic, we’re taking a different approach.

In technology, a developer designs and creates software. In homebuilding, a developer designs and constructs housing.

Mosaic does both. Our technology platform coordinates fieldwork using both people and machines, allowing us to be dynamic in deploying automation where it makes sense, and relying on human labor where it is more efficient.

Best-in-class Builders

Our experienced crews use our technology platform to bring improvements in speed and quality at each step.

Other construction technologies have focused on disrupting the process and standardizing the product: moving construction offsite, replacing workers by automating tasks and leveraging prefabricated materials.

Our fundamental belief is that the construction process is not broken, it’s inefficient. We are evolving the way we build by solving for the inefficiencies: our software can model and determine the best way to build on-site with existing labor and traditional materials.

Mosaic operates as a general contractor or subcontractor for homebuilders. We offer a wide range of high-quality building services to homebuilders using our proprietary technology to build more efficiently, bringing improvements in speed, cost, and quality at each step along the way. Requiring no changes to customer behavior, blueprints, engineering drawings, city approvals or construction materials.

We make building better.
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