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About Mosaic

Mosaic is an institutional-grade general contractor, building homes for the nation’s most innovative developers. Powered by data, Mosaic offers a full suite of construction services, from pre-development to warranty and lease up. Mosaic is currently the fastest growing general contractor in the build-to-rent space, with a vision of making places people love widely available.

The Back Story

Homebuilding needed rethinking. With historically low productivity rates, rising housing costs, and a supply chain in crisis, developers were struggling to build scalable housing at attainable costs.

Mosaic was founded in 2018 by Salman Ahmad and Sep Kamvar, two tech entrepreneurs from MIT and Stanford who shared a bold vision for the homebuilding industry. Salman, who holds nearly two dozen technical publications and patents in multiple areas including software systems and programming languages, grew up on job sites as the son of a self-taught contractor. Sep, a computer scientist and entrepreneur, has pioneered human-machine interaction in academia and industry. 

Together, they realized that using software to orchestrate construction would render the process efficient, scalable, and adaptable, and eventually unlock innovation in how houses were designed and built. Mosaic launched as the first elastic national general contracting service for digitally empowering the homebuilding industry.

Technology Approach: “Construction as Code”

Mosaic has built a construction company around software, not the other way around. Its world-class field and tech teams not only build the technology that runs Mosaic’s GC Platform – they continually enhance and optimize it with developers’ and trades’ needs in mind. The software’s nimble, elastic design allows users to deliver innovative product designs, expand quickly to high-growth markets, and produce data-rich reports.

Mosaic is backed by some of the nation’s most forward-thinking venture capitalists, including Andreessen-Horowitz (a16z), Peak State Ventures, Founders Fund, and Starwood Ventures. Since its founding, Mosaic has raised nearly $70 million in venture capital.

Media FAQ

What is Build-to-Rent, and how does it differ from other new home construction projects?

BTR construction follows a specific formula: it must be a single-family home that was intentionally built as a rental; it must be constructed horizontally versus vertically; and it must exist in a managed community of other BTR homes.

What do today’s clients expect with construction project management?

There is a growing need for on-the-ground site updates without needing to be in person. Mosaic has emphasized the development of innovative, customer-centric tools to meet these demands, including in-depth project updates through customer portals, drone tours, and weekly site walks using 360-degree VR cameras.

How can Mosaic’s technology drive tangible productivity at the construction site?

Staying on time and on budget is an intricate and delicate process; even the slightest anomaly can cause unanticipated and often significant setbacks in productivity. Having access to data is not only critical for decision-making; it holds everyone accountable for getting the job done right. Mosaic leverages its teams’ digital construction tools to generate real-time, unified data that is accessible to all stakeholders at any time.

What is the biggest challenge with BTR construction and how is Mosaic’s technology addressing it?

With more developers recognizing the strong future of BTR, they’re also realizing that localized expertise within this sector can be very limited and fragmented. Mosaic’s national presence and local trade relationships gives developers the advantage of pre-screened contractors across the country – a game-changer in BTR construction projects.

Brand Assets

Worksite Imagery

Mosaic uses imagery from the range of processes and developments across all of our projects.

Portrait Imagery

Mosaic portraits are used to communicate the wide range of people behind every stage of the Mosaic project process.

Construction as Code.

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