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Mosaic is a licensed residential General Contractor offering comprehensive predevelopment, and construction management services for developers.

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Our Process




Developers can benefit from our in-house expertise. Services include site selection and design, soft budgets, and value engineering.




Customizing our reporting structure and cadence around the developers operational needs.



Leveraging our network of trade partners, and market-specific insights to generate a dynamic budget for developers to review.



Plan analysis, informed by current market conditions, to assure efficiencies throughout the build phase.




Awarding work to trades and onboard them to the Mosaic Platform for reporting, payments and scheduling.



Tracking all work, smart scheduling, and adjusting to real-time material and labor changes through Mosaic Build.



Coordinating approval, customer sign-off, and fast payment for completed work through the Mosaic Platform.



We capture data from every onsite activity to provide developers with real-time insights at every stage of the process.


Because of our trade partners, ideas get realized, hammers get swung, and homes get built.

At Mosaic, we put Trades at the center of everything we do because we believe that with intuitive construction management tools, they can become the true force of innovation in the homebuilding industry.

Clear punch items

Whenever there are items to resolve, we notify our trade partners on where and what the issues are. When they are resolved we circulate an update on the go.

Easier scheduling

Our construction calendars are always up-to-date to help plan ahead when work is delayed.

Predictability in building

Our plan sets are updated dynamically so our trade partners work off sets that are construction-proof and site specific.

Better bidding

We provide precise material take-offs and market insights to help our trade partners with resource planning.

Immediate payments

Mosaic clears payments as soon as our trade partners get the job done.

Become a Trade Partner with Mosaic

We make it easy to bid, build, and get paid on time, every time.

Build with Mosaic


Because of Developers, communities get built.

At Mosaic, we provide Developers with elastic homebuilding services so they can focus on creating unique products, identifying high-growth markets, and maintaining an engaging customer experience.

Decision-making is better

“They share their operational data from the construction site paired with larger market trends so I can better prepare for supply-chain and labor shortages.”

Pricing is easier

“They adapt to me; I can start working with Mosaic at any stage of the product, even after vertical construction has started.”

Change is more predictable

“I’m never left wondering because I’ve got greater trust in the process.”

Optimization is more immediate

“I have a sense of relief that I didn’t leave money on the table; I got the best price for the most relevant product.”

Build with Mosaic

Reach out to our team to learn more.

Let’s build together

Mosaic operates in the nation’s highest-growth markets.

Metro Phoenix, Prescott, Flagstaff, Dallas Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Boise, Denver, and Boulder.

We are currently setting up operations in Florida and Southern California.

Our Company

We create places people love, and our company is no exception. Learn more about our story and explore open positions at Mosaic

Construction as Code.

Build with Mosaic

We help developers grow. Reach out to learn more.

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