Mark Deehan

Partner, Construction

My role here at the amazing Mosaic Construction of Arizona can be characterized as field guide & field operations enhancer: working and cooperating with the Construction Operations Circle while also energizing areas of training, hiring, growth & harmony. I have been fortunate to be able to work on some of these great newer projects as well as locations that have been ongoing.

There has been much collaboration between myself and other Mosaic team members to push forward with success in areas such as Fleet acquisitions & repairs, job progression, improvements and implementation along with company wide talent positioning assistance. There are excellent examples here at Mosaic of real connections! Endeavors that speak to the useful, creative and deliberately positive impact a goal oriented organization of this caliber can have on our world!

Before the opportunity here at Mosaic, I was fortunate to work with some patient and knowledgeable experts working on many commercial and custom building projects in Texas & California. Previously I was educated in New England’s school systems, and the United States Army. These experiences helped to shape my future and lead me here.

I was a lifeguard in the Army, among other duties. Passing the Military’s Advanced Lifesaving Course was intense & difficult - out of 43 participants only 4 of us completed this program. Thankfully I never had to save a human; although when I was 16 I jumped into a frozen lake south of Boston to save a German Shepherd... so I guess you could say that’s a literal "ice breaker" of mine.


Based in Mesa, AZ

Profile created March 21, 2019