When we understand that feeling deeply At Home in the World is the source of true happiness, we can begin to wonder: how does this feeling arise, and how can it be cultivated?

Each person has a unique purpose, a unique reason for being. When we reflect deeply, we feel the truth of this, and we feel most alive when we are aligned with this purpose.

This is an old truth. Most ancient cultures attributed the quality of unique purpose not just to people, but also to all things, including inanimate objects. Indeed, even today, people talk about being happiest when they find their calling, and unhappiest when they feel like commodities in a commoditized world.


In our culture internally, foster growth along one’s own path, seeing the work not only as a means to an end product, but as a path of growth along (and continuous discovery of) one’s unique purpose. In what we put out into the world, aim to foster freedom to follow one’s path, and, wherever possible, aim to give people the tools to create the world around them.

Internally, create a way for people working at Mosaic to chart their own path, by creating an environment of choice, within the constraints of the mission (for example, Best and Highest Use). Make development central to the company (Orientation to Growth), create meaningful opportunities for experience (Freedom within Limits, Shared Vision, Mutual Trust), and allow for regular opportunities for reflection on purpose (for example, Regular Self-Reflection). In the neighborhoods that we create, strive for diversity in homes (Polyculture of Homes) while maintaining an integrated whole; and also strive for a diversity of neighborhoods (Mosaic of Subcultures), where each person can find a place where they feel at home. In both, strive to give people the tools to discover themselves by creating the world around them (for example, internally, through Agile Processes, externally through Environments for Self-Determination).

Published May 5, 2019