New Hires Build a Framework for Mosaic’s Success


We recently hired a few talented individuals over the last couple months, bringing a wealth of seasoned experience to our construction operations and engineering teams. Read on to learn more about Dave, Scott, and Rodrigo.

Rodrigo Reis, Senior Software Engineer

With 13 years of engineering experience, Rodrigo Reis has devoted his career to building innovative, first-of-their-kind platforms and applications that drive growth across the e-commerce, security, and high-growth tech industries. Prior to Mosaic, Rodrigo was co-founder and CTO of Arena, and also worked for Walmart eCommerce and Agentto.

Dave Hubbs, Director of Purchasing

With over 20 years in homebuilding and construction, Dave Hubbs joins us as our Director of Purchasing. Most recently Dave worked for Dorn Homes, based in Prescott, and has also worked for Camelot Homes and DR Horton in Phoenix.

Scott Balck, Director of Construction Operations

Scott Balck brings 25 years of experience in construction operations to Mosaic. He most recently served as Senior Engineer Associate for the City of Tempe, Prior to working for the City of Tempe, Scott worked for Kitchell Custom Homes, Gila River Indian Community Department, and Pulte Homes, Inc.

Construction as Code.

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