Mosaic and Mandalay Team Up to Re-imagine Affordable Homes for NAZ

Anita Cohen

Two real estate industry-leading local businesses, Mosaic and Mandalay Homes, have entered a strategic agreement to build 400 homes over the next 24 months in Phoenix, Prescott and Flagstaff.

In a region where housing supply is decreasing, and pricing is rapidly increasing, Mosaic and Mandalay will address demand by applying technology solutions to home building. Deploying  Mosaic’s technology platform with 80 members of Mandalay’s construction team, higher quality homes will be built faster and more efficiently , providing Northern Arizona home buyers with greater options for consistently high quality, energy efficient and affordable homes.

Mandalay Homes owner Dave Everson said, “We have always embraced innovation and the Mosaic platform is the greatest innovation I’ve seen in my 30-year home building career. By applying technology to the process of home building,  Mosaic allows us to deliver innovation to the field, and enhance the craft of each worker. Together, we have the right team, the right technology and the right markets to build stronger skills for our workers and better neighborhoods for our community.”

With a mission “to create places people love and make them widely available,” Mosaic leverages technology as a residential general contractor to streamline processes and increase efficiencies in the home building process. By rapidly converting traditional blueprints into digital models, Mosaic is able to provide its field workers with step-by-step, individualized instructions that are easy to implement and quick to iterate. This ease of use allows for new skills for the workforce, and invites more workers to participate, addressing labor shortages prevalent in the local market. The construction crews using the Mosaic technology also play a critical role in informing the technology, encoding in a digital library  the craft and experience of each skilled contributor to the home building ecosystem, from architecture to framing to assembly.

“Our platform is designed to help solve the labor crunch by making people more effective and productive with the help of technology, not replacing people with technology,” said Mosaic founder and CEO Salman Ahmad, who grew up in Phoenix and attended Arizona State University for his undergraduate education.

Mosaic recently announced it secured $14.25 million in funding, led by prestigious Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. This new funding will help fuel Mosaic’s growth and product development to expand its platform and reach to additional home builders in other regions.

The partnership with Mandalay Homes also accelerates Mosaic’s expansion plans, building on its current shared portfolio of 70 homes to more than 400, without compromising quality for volume.

Both companies share the sentiment to build better, together, for Arizona, and are actively hiring to support their growth.

Construction as Code.

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