Integrating trades

Because construction processes are complex, most construction firms specialize in a single trade — framing, plumbing, electric, etc. General contractors then coordinate these subcontractors to manage the overall building process. Like in any other business, this specialization brings certain efficiencies — it is easier for a single firm to focus on a single trade than to focus on multiple trades.

At the same time, specialization makes it difficult to innovate across trades. A new process or technology is difficult to introduce, because it needs to be introduced to many different subcontractors, across many different trades, whose incentives are often misaligned.

Specialization also makes it difficult to innovate in community design. A homebuilder who wants to build neighborhoods with courtyards, for instance, would find it difficult to do so, because land development is done by a different company with different incentives than those of the homebuilder.

For these reasons, we have created Mosaic to have the ability to self-perform on every aspect of the construction process — we have the ability to buy raw land, entitle it, cut the lots, lay down the streets, and build the homes. We streamline each part of this process through code, allowing us to manage the complexity of these multiple trades without the usual specialization.

Together, code and internalized construction give us the ability to shorten timelines, reduce costs, and introduce new innovations. In this way, we can standardize on process (i.e. how we build) rather than product (i.e. what we build).

Mosaic builders on site in Arizona

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