Building with Mosaic

Mosaic is a full-stack construction provider in Phoenix, Arizona, offering high-quality building services powered by technology in key markets throughout the Western US.

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We offer a wide range of high-quality building services to the residential and commercial construction industries — using our proprietary technology to build more efficiently. Our dynamic approach encompasses site work to rough-in, bringing improvements in speed, cost, and quality at each step along the way.

We specialize in a handful of core trades, and fill in the others through our strong network of subcontractors. Our leadership team has decades of combined experience, and some of our crews have been working together for more than twenty-five years — bringing deep knowledge of general contracting, site work, framing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and drywall.

We focus on Single-Family Homebuilding, Multi-Family Homebuilding, Custom Homebuilding, and Build-to-Rent Casitas, but are happy to partner on many other kinds of projects as well — please contact us to learn more.

Through our Design service, we hope to help others in the building industry create homes and communities that embody the values that we hold dear — many of which stem from the classic book, A Pattern Language, and some of which are expressed in the Design/Build section below.

We look forward to working with you — please get in touch.


  • General Contracting

    Working with the client to manage the overall project; coordinating subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors; handling inspections; ensuring quality; etc. (ROC #323883)

  • Framing

    Framing exterior and interior walls; installing roof trusses; building floor systems for multi-story structures; etc. (ROC #324625)

  • Mechanical

    Installing HVAC; running ductwork and line sets for coolant; connecting air handlers and compressors; installing thermostats; etc. (ROC #324624)

  • Plumbing

    Installing underground plumbing for toilets and drains; roughing in pipes within walls; installing sinks, showers, and tubs; connecting faucets and other fixtures; etc. (ROC #324618)

  • Electrical

    Installing electrical panels; running wiring; configuring switches and outlets; connecting lights and fans; laying low-voltage wiring for security systems and speakers; installing Ethernet, HDMI, and other A/V; etc. (ROC #324617)

  • Drywall

    Cutting and hanging drywall; laying tape; adding smooth or textured finishes, etc. (ROC #323883)

  • Site Work

    Earth moving for grading and drainage; adding curbs, gutters, and sidewalks; laying asphalt for roads; trenching and underground utility work; connecting to municipal utilities (water, gas, plumbing, electric); etc. (ROC #323883)

Design / Build

Single-Family Homebuilding

Unique single-family homes with carports or garages — featuring timeless house forms and simple roof shapes, large front porches, semi-private outdoor spaces, pedestrian footpaths, bicycle lanes, common amenities, and local vegetation growing wild.

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Multi-Family Homebuilding

Attached multi-family homes with on-street parking — featuring timeless “row house” designs with gracious front stoops, streetside gardens enclosed with low sitting walls, raised sidewalks protected from the street, bicycle racks, and lush vegetation.

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Custom Homebuilding

Custom homes for private clients — featuring unique designs that respond to the individual needs and preferences of each specific owner.

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Build-to-Rent Casitas

Communities of detached cottages for rent, with hidden parking nearby — featuring large front porches to encourage interactions between neighbors, and often arranged around intimate common courtyards with natural vegetation, benches, fire circles, and other places for gathering.

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