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Celebrating National Homeownership Month

  • June 25, 2021
Celebrating National Homeownership Month

In honor of National Homeownership Month, we asked Mosaic employees to share some of the things they love about the homes they've created. Here’s what they had to say:

Dave Hubbs, Director of Purchasing

Because I’ve used CAD over the years, I was able to design my own floor plan, which was pretty special. I then built my house myself from the ground up with trade partners. I just finished in August, and I love so many things about the space: the front elevation, the kitchen, and the fireplace to name a few. I was able to use the same stone crew as our partner, Mandalay Homes, so the quality is fantastic.

Check out Dave's one-of-a-kind floor plan:

Dave Hubbs Custom Floor Plan
 Kayla Arellano (Larkham), Director of Human Resources

Home for me pre-pandemic was the place I never showed quite enough love—the place that had rooms collecting dust while I tried to keep up with my family's fast-paced life. From rushing out of the door to rushing back in to accomplish bath, dinner, and bedtime, home for me was having a place for things and a roof for my loved ones.

Home for me post-pandemic has been so much more. There's not a room in my house not being used. Each nook has been reimagined into something functional. Home is the place I get to hear my son's footsteps stomping down the halls as my daughter giggles to Alexa playing Baby Beluga for the 5th time. Home is having a bed so soft you fear for your back in the morning, but still enjoy every moment of rest. Home is comfort and a place for memories.

Ron Gonski, VP of Business Operations

It's all about the indoor/outdoor living for me. The wings of my house form a "U" around the center courtyard area and make hanging out there feel safe and cozy. The other great thing? My neighborhood. My wife and I love to take walks, so we bought in one of the most walkable neighborhoods in central Phoenix, with direct access to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve and its 100+ miles of city hiking trails.

Alex Pollack, Director of Partnerships

For me, it's all about the kitchen island. It doesn't matter how comfy the couch looks, people just naturally gather around the island when they're in my home—it's where we socialize, snack, and generally just have fun.

(Another thing I love? The separate toilet room in our bathroom, or as I like to call it: the marriage saver.)

Chris Norris, Product Designer

Perhaps the best definition of home that I have come across is one that we developed in the early days of Mosaic. Home as the confluence of individuality and interconnection — a place where you are one with yourself, your environment, and your community. When we feel at home, we feel a clear sense of our own individual purpose in harmony and interconnection with our surroundings.

Rusty Weathersby, Senior Project Manager

I love that we've made every little bit of the square footage usable. My floor plan was designed to focus everyone toward the kitchen great room. Everything leads to that main area where everybody can gather and make memories.

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