Our Mission

Our mission is to build places people love, and make them widely available.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the technology platform for the homebuilding industry.

    We believe our physical environments can either support or inhibit a good life, which is why we choose to work at the level of homes and communities. Our vision is a world of places — homes, communities, neighborhoods, and cities — that feel beautiful, sustainable, connected, and alive. Where people feel at home in the world.

  • Our Company

    Mosaic is a construction technology company for homebuilding.

    With offices in Phoenix and San Francisco, we develop technologies that make construction more efficient, and our in-house crews use them to deliver faster cycle times in the field. The name “Mosaic” is inspired by Christopher Alexander’s classic 1977 book, *A Pattern Language*, which describes a process for bringing life and beauty to physical spaces.


We have some of the world's best institutional investors as partners in our journey.

Andreessen Horowitz
Building Ventures
Founders Fund
Greylock Partners
Innovation Endeavors
Thrive Capital
Leadership Team

Our team combines expertise from construction, technology, real estate, architecture, and business

  • Salman Ahmad

    Salman Ahmad

    CEO and cofounder
  • Sep Kamvar

    Sep Kamvar

    Chairman and cofounder
  • Mervin Singson

    Mervin Singson

  • Ron Gonski

    Ron Gonski

    VP of Operations
  • Max Leiserson

    Max Leiserson

    VP of Technology
  • Ed Walters

    Ed Walters

    VP of Growth
  • Dave Everson

    Dave Everson

    Head of Construction
  • Yonatan Cohen

    Yonatan Cohen

    Architecture and Design Lead