Our Mission

Make places people love and make those places widely available

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the technology platform for the construction industry.

    We believe that a software approach to homebuilding is the key to achieving construction efficiencies at scale and a path to help diversify the types of houses we live in and the methods we use to build them.

  • Our Founding Story

    Mosaic was founded in 2017 by Salman Ahmad and Sep Kamvar.

    Salman, the son of a self-taught contractor who grew up on job sites, brought to the team his appreciation of the rigor and precision of the craft. Sep, an entrepreneur who has pioneered human / machine interaction both in art and in business, shared with Salman a passion for the built environment. They realized that using software to orchestrate construction would render the process efficient, scalable, and adaptable, and eventually unlock innovation in how houses were designed and built.


We have some of the world's best institutional investors as partners in our journey.

Andreessen Horowitz
Peak State Ventures
Building Ventures
Founders Fund
Greylock Partners
Innovation Endeavors
Thrive Capital
Tekfen Ventures
Leadership Team

Our team combines expertise from construction, technology, real estate development, architecture, and business

  • Salman Ahmad

    Salman Ahmad

    CEO and Co-Founder
  • Sep Kamvar

    Sep Kamvar

    Chairman and Co-Founder
  • Mervin Singson

    Mervin Singson

  • Ray Gonzalez

    Ray Gonzalez

    EVP of Operations
  • Ron Gonski

    Ron Gonski

    VP of Business Development and Growth
  • Max Leiserson

    Max Leiserson

    VP of Technology
  • Yonatan Cohen

    Yonatan Cohen

    Architecture and Design Lead