Meeting Mosaic

Mosaic’s mission is to help people feel at home in the world. We believe this happens naturally when people are free to discover and express their own unique purpose, while feeling a deep sense of connection and belonging to something larger than themselves — to family, to community, to nature, and beyond.

We believe our physical environments can either support or inhibit these feelings, which is why we work at the level of homes and communities — as Winston Churchill advised, “we shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.”

Our approach is to take a step-by-step process. We recognize that some of the biggest challenges to creating vibrant homes and communities are financial, so we’ve spent several years developing a more efficient construction process, based on software. We’re currently deploying our process to help homebuilders build homes more efficiently. In time, we’ll begin to introduce our design language into the places that we are creating.

Our corporate culture is informed by the practices outlined in Reinventing Organizations and An Everyone Culture — we operate in a decentralized non-hierarchical manner that emphasizes autonomy and wholeness. We believe our evolutionary growth as individuals is equally important to the “work” we produce (and that our best work tends to occur within the context of this personal growth).

The name “Mosaic” is inspired by the classic 1977 book, A Pattern Language, which describes a pattern called “Mosaic of Subcultures.” The pattern proposes the ideal structure for a city, wherein distinct and vibrant subcultures arise in specific parts of the city, with permeable boundaries between them. In this way, the city (and the people living within it) can experience both individuality and interconnection.

Through the places we create, we hope to cultivate a vast mosaic of subcultures — places with exquisite uniqueness that connect and relate to an equally exquisite whole.

A diagram from the 1977 book, A Pattern Language

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