Meeting Mosaic

Mosaic is a technology-focused construction company. We provide high-quality construction services to homebuilders, using the power of computer science to build more efficiently.


Mosaic’s mission is to make places people love, and make them widely available. We aim to build homes, communities, neighborhoods, and cities that feel beautiful, sustainable, connected, and alive. We are not separate from our environments, and as we shape our spaces, we also shape ourselves.


Each of us longs to feel At Home in the World. We believe this happens naturally when we’re free to express our own unique purpose, while also feeling a deep sense of connection and belonging to something larger than ourselves: to family, to community, to nature, and beyond.

Furthermore, we believe our physical environments can either support or inhibit these feelings, which is why we choose to work at the level of homes and communities. Over time, we hope to help the global housing industry create a world in which every place fosters the individuality and interconnection of the people living there.

Mosaic is inspired by the philosophy of Christopher Alexander, who taught architecture at UC Berkeley for over forty years. Through such classic books as A Pattern Language, The Timeless Way of Building, and The Nature of Order, he describes a process for bringing life and beauty to physical space.

In the 1990s, Alexander’s notion of “patterns” inspired the burgeoning computer science community to initiate the influential Design Patterns movement. Alexander often urged computer scientists to turn their attention to the built environment, whose spaces he felt could be greatly healed and improved through the wise application of computer science techniques.

At Mosaic, we use our own evolving set of patterns to guide our work across four core areas — Culture, Code, Construction, and Community.

Organizationally, we follow the “Teal” approach to internal governance, using many of the practices outlined in such books as Reinventing Organizations and An Everyone Culture. These practices emphasize wholeness, shared purpose, mutual trust, individual growth, and autonomy.

We believe each person has a unique purpose in life, and that finding and expressing this purpose is the secret to making one’s best work.

If our mission and philosophy resonate with you, please join us.

The name “Mosaic” is inspired by the classic 1977 book, A Pattern Language. The book includes a pattern called “Mosaic of Subcultures,” which proposes the ideal structure for a city, wherein distinct and vibrant subcultures emerge in different parts of the city, with permeable boundaries between them. In this way, the city (and the people living within it) can experience Individuality and Interconnection — two essential components of life.

  • If you want to make a living flower, you don’t build it physically, with tweezers, cell by cell. You grow it from the seed. This hinges on a simple scientific proposition: the great complexity of an organic system, which is essential to its life, cannot be created from above directly; it can only be generated indirectly.

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